PES Center for Pattern Recognition is involved in research in the areas of signal and image processing and pattern recognition. Currently, the center’s research is focused on data mining, document image processing, multimedia applications and on designing mathematical and engineering tools to solve computational problems in biology and health care. Thus, researchers at the Center work at the interface of multiple disciplines including biomedicine, computation, mathematics and signal processing.

The Center is an ambassador of collaborative research and has successfully been a part of various projects with world-renowned researchers. The Center for Pattern Recognition is also involved in fostering an interest and developing expertise in the areas of image processing and pattern recognition. It is making an effort to empower faculty and students with the mathematical tools required to delve into these domains through conducting Foundation Courses and providing an exposure to the work of various groups through hosting Seminars by researchers in these areas.


July 17-18, 2014 -A summer workshop on Natural Langauge Processing and Data Mining

The focus of this workshop is to provide a foundation for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Mining, introduce some of the tools and techniques used and present applications such as information retrieval that are relevant both in research and the industry. Thus, it would help

  • students in IT braches (ECE, CSE, ISE, TE, EE… majors) wanting an introduction to NLP and Data Mining
  • research scholars setting out to work on NLP, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, etc.
  • industry practitioners who would like get started in these fields and
  • those taking up M.Sc. or Ph.D. course work exams on statistical signal processing, random processes, pattern recognition, etc., in VTU.

This year’s workshop features the following sessions –

  • An introduction to probability theory, random variables and distributions by Prof. Ajey S.N.R., PESIT-BSC
  • An introduction to concepts in datamining by Dr. Gowri Srinivasa, PESIT-BSC
  • An introduction to NLP and its use in information retrieval by Mr. Goutham Tholpadi, IISc
  • A hands-on session on an introduction to programming in Python and using NLTK led by Ms. Maithri Hegde and Ms. Aquila Khanam, alumni of the PES Center for Pattern Recognition 
  • Statistical Data Modeling by Dr. Bharath Bettigere, Qualcomm R&D
  • Machine translation and a demonstration of translating sentences in English to Hindi by Ms. Aquila Khanam, Columbia University
  • Social Media Mining by Mr. Abhishek Vaid, Frrole
  • Text mining and techniques and tools for information retrieval by Dr. Rishiraj Saha Roy, Adobe

Participants would be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

For further details and to register see this brochure.

For information on earlier events organized under the auspices of CPR see this page.


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